Are you a busy Marketing/PR/Communications Consultant who has become the victim of your own success?

You are a busy Marketing, PR or Communications Consultant, who has been consistently turning work away for a few months now.

You’ve made it! You’re doing what you love. You’ve proved yourself. Word has got out about how brilliant your work is – your reputation precedes you.

But… You’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Chances are, you set up your business to choose your own career path and the lifestyle you want. But it’s not working out like that. You’re busier than you ever were in your previous corporate life. You suddenly have too much work on. You’re spinning multiple plates and feeling anxious about dropping one – or many.

You’ve started daydreaming about a simpler life.

Being a post lady/man suddenly feels so appealing. You’d be out there walking in the fresh air every day, stopping to chat to Fred and Margaret, the sweet old dears, and their neighbours who are always so warm and friendly. You’d surely get those steps in too – right now you don’t have time to take a lunch break, let alone go to the gym – plus you’d be getting that vitamin D you so desperately feel in need of. And the sunshine. The sun-is-actually-shining-for-once but you’re stuck inside, in front of your computer. Again.

Yes, a simpler existence, with no long work hours or crazy deadlines. Bliss.

Wait a minute… Stop right there!

Deep-down you know that you don’t really want to change your career at all – you’ve just temporarily fallen out of love with it – because you’re feeling overwhelmed by your clients’ deadlines and HUGE to do list. Does “everything needs to be done yesterday” sound familiar? Constantly playing catch up?

You know that you need to make a change. You need some extra hours in your day.

But how?

You don’t have the budget or inclination to take on an employee. This feels so involved and is a big responsibility. And you certainly don’t have the time to recruit and train a junior member of staff.

Your friend suggested working with a Virtual Assistant to help ease the burden. But you need more than a VA who also happens to do marketing tasks.

You need an experienced and skilled marketing and communications professional who you can trust, to run with your project and deliver top-notch work, that you can then send over to your clients.

I know what you're thinking: "But is this even possible? If I’m looking for an accomplished freelancer, won’t they be on the same rate as me?!"

Well, not necessarily.

Help is at hand…

There’s a different, better way