My highlights of 2018

Photo of Christmas lights - 2018 reflections - Alison Hadley - Marketing & PR

Inspired by Valuable Content’s “reasons to be cheerful article” because it is “that” time of year, I’ve been reflecting on both my business and personal highlights of 2018. Here goes…

😃 Feeling part of an amazing group of supportive and friendly freelancers and business owners here in the UK and beyond. Connecting on social media and meeting at conferences, then chatting further via phone, conference call or meeting in person. (Yes, actually taking the time to have “real” conversations.)

😃 Repositioning my business to solely provide outsourced PR and marketing freelance support to PR Consultants and marketing Consultants.

😃 Awesome clients – it has been a real pleasure to work with you to support your businesses this year and to work on some really interesting projects. You know who you are – thank you.

😃 Gorgeous nourishing weekly yoga sessions to bring back calm into my somewhat hectic life of running a business and renovating my home.

😃 And on a very personal note, celebrating ten years with my fella, who is also self employed #livingthedream

Merry Christmas! Have a brilliant one and I look forward to seeing what exciting things take shape for my fellow freelancers and business owners in 2019.