How it works

I’m Bristol based but work with clients located across the UK.

  • You charge my work out at your hourly rate (my hourly rate is less than yours at £43.75 per hour / £350 per day) – I invoice you directly, you add your mark-up and you then invoice the client.
  • You can trust me to communicate directly with your client or you can remain the main point of contact with your client – the choice is yours.
  • I’ll be on your side – I want to support you to help you achieve more and to reach the next rung on your ladder. My aim is to be your valued team member and colleague.
  • I’ll be proactive in suggesting ways to improve things (if there are any!) – you'll not only have an extra pair of hands but a fresh pair of eyes and new perspective. I’ll share my ideas with you, which you can then pass on to your client, if you so wish.
  • You can rely on me to provide regular status updates on a project so that you’re always in the loop and there are no nasty surprises.

Support is tailored to your business

The service I provide is totally flexible, meaning that I work with you on an ad-hoc or regular basis, on one project or on a variety of tasks.

Perhaps you’d like to completely hand over the social media management element for one of your clients so need some regular support every month.

Or another of your clients has a big event coming up and they’ve asked you to help with some additional work – you’d love to say yes but you don’t currently have the capacity – unless of course you are able to sub-contract this work to a freelancer.

Say “yes” more

When we work together, you can say "yes" more to both your existing and new clients.

As a “completer/finisher” (Belbin profiling) and with my carefully considered approach, your projects will be completed thoroughly, giving you peace of mind.

And I relish being the doer or implementer – meaning that you continue to do what you do best – advising your clients on the strategy (while I get on with the doing).

Time to get things moving?

Let's arrange a free 30 minute chat to see if I can help you.