What being without my mobile for a week taught me

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Woman holding mobile phone - Alison Hadley - marketing and PR

According to the 2018 Ofcom study, “A decade of digital dependency”, people in the UK now check their smartphones, on average, every 12 minutes of the waking day. A few weeks ago my mobile slipped out of my hand and went crashing down to the hard ground of my local supermarket. It damaged the screen (some more), with the result being that I could no longer unlock the thing and therefore use it. Off to […]

Unlocking the power of social influencers

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Last week, I attended my first Charity Comms event via Periscope live streaming. The seminar, “Unlocking the power of social influencers”, was an opportunity to find out about how charities are engaging with influencers and building successful strategies. There were plenty of takeway tips on how to choose the right influencers and how to best work with them. Presentations included: “Identify and approach the right social influencers” – Nikki Peters,  MQ: Transforming Mental Health “Boob […]

Creating more space in 2019

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This image was created using Canva – ask me about how I can create similar images for your business or your client accounts. ______ The mantra my yoga teacher often calming speaks during our weekly class is this: “Create space in your body to become flexible.” The same applies with time. Free up your time and you have more flexibility to do other things. Having more time, gives us additional headspace to think more clearly and help […]

My highlights of 2018

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Photo of Christmas lights - 2018 reflections - Alison Hadley - Marketing & PR

Inspired by Valuable Content’s “reasons to be cheerful article” because it is “that” time of year, I’ve been reflecting on both my business and personal highlights of 2018. Here goes… 😃 Feeling part of an amazing group of supportive and friendly freelancers and business owners here in the UK and beyond. Connecting on social media and meeting at conferences, then chatting further via phone, conference call or meeting in person. (Yes, actually taking the time […]

Telling great stories: Takeaways from CommsCon18

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On 6th November, I attended CommsCon18 in London, along with hundreds of other communications professionals. The one-day event, organised by Cision, was a chance to catch up on the latest insights on earned media from a number of big consumer brands and senior figures within the industry. A key theme for the day was storytelling, which cropped up in several of the panel discussions and presentations. Here are some of the takeaways from the day […]

4 ways to show your clients you appreciate them

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Photo of thank you card and flowers | customer loyalty | Alison Hadley Marketing and PR

At the Watertight Marketing conference this month, we heard from Andy Rogers at Xpedient Print talk about the value of printed materials. Because so much of what we do is online nowadays, sending something through the post (which isn’t a bill!) can help to build an emotional connection with clients. We’ve all heard that it is easier to find work with existing clients than it is to find new clients. And this got me thinking about the […]

Are you a “why” or a “how” person?

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I’ve heard many people talk about Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” over the years and so it was finally time to tick this book off my reading list to see what all the fuss is about. Surprisingly, the biggest takeaway was not to go away and write my why for my business but it was rather the description of two different groups of people, the “why-types” and the “how-types”. Simon Sinek shares brief stories of […]

About to ask your client for a testimonial? Read this first…

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Photo of wall with "we like you too :)" - Client testimonials - Alison Hadley Marketing & PR

It can be tricky to get a client testimonial – not because your client doesn’t want to help but people are busy and presenting a blank piece of paper is never an easy starting point. So how can you make it easy for a client to give you a glowing reference? And one that banishes the bland so that your client’s quote not only stands out but sounds believable? How can you adapt the way […]

Selling without the pain – takeaways from “Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur”

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Photo of woman holding mug with the wording "like a boss" - Alison Hadley Marketing and PR

I loved reading Kate Toon’s chatty and honest book, “Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur: How to succeed in business despite yourself” and related to much of it. Take the word “entrepreneur” for example. I’m with Kate, who declares that this word, along with “mumpreneur” or “solopreneur” makes her feel a bit ill because as business owners, we don’t identify with this terminology. (I have to confess that I’m also not a fan of “boss lady” and almost didn’t […]

How to build your Instagram community – Key takeaways from Social Media Week Bristol 2018

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Photo showing group of people fist bumping - building your Instagram community

Earlier this week, I went along to Social Media Week Bristol, to hear from Instagram authority Jess Siggers on how to build an Instagram community. Jess is a UK-based photographer, content creator/Instagram influencer, consultant and community manager. Her Instagram page, @porthjess has more than 43k followers. Jess also runs @igersbristol which is Bristol’s official Instagram network, sharing beautiful photos of Bristol to 20k+ followers. Here are my key takeaways from the talk “Fifty Ways To Build Your Instagram […]